Corporate Training

Utilizing the highly respected training tools of Inscape, formerly Carlson Learning Company, we offer targeted training for today's workplace, helping management and employees discover and capitalize on their strengths.

Team Building:

1. Are people being asked to work on teams?
2. Are interpersonal conflicts reducing productivity?
3. Are teams "stuck" and not making progress?
4. Do brainstorming sessions lead to conflict?

This program can generate innovation, improve morale and communication, and increase productivity throughout the organization.

Listening: Call us if:

1. Errors occur because of poor listening
2. Employees complain they are not heard
3. Communication skill building is needed
4. Current levels of scrap and re-work are unacceptable


This is timely training. Ask yourself:

1. Have your work force and/or customers changed?
2. Are all employees fully included?
3. Is prevention of discrimination concerns a priority?
4. Is inclusion a corporate value?


1. Are your managers directing or leading?
2. Is there a common language to discuss and analyze        leadership?
3. Is there a need to build a consensus for the type of 
leader (s) needed for the future?
4. Do you need a standard for assessment of the leadership needs of the organization?

Remember, leadership is a major key to success.

Time Management:

1. Is productivity improvement a goal?
2. Are employees and/or management asked to do more in less time?
3. Do employees feel overwhelmed?
4. How do employees prioritize work now? 

This training program can help maximize the return on total human resource investment.


If you answer yes to any of these questions, this  program can help.

1. Do employees personal problems show up at work?
2. Is employee stress affecting productivity?
3. Is absenteeism a problem?
4. Do employees complain of stress or burn-out?


1. Are employees resistant to change?
2. Are there extensive corporate changes taking place?
3. How well do teams collaborate?
4. Is there evidence of "can't do" attitudes?

This program centers on personal responsibility in the workplace and personally in order  to elicit culture change.

Technical Training