Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we use an inspection company when
we have a warranty from the builder? 

The builder is responsible for any design or mechanical
failure due to poor workmanship. The builder does
NOT however, compensate you for lost revenue while
the car is out of service. The builder does NOT
compensate you for undetected failure, i.e. arced roller
bearings; shot in the slack adjuster, which results in
sticking brakes; improper welding procedure, etc…
These issues have occurred. Will they occur on your

 Why should we use MQEI? 

We are a small company with large capabilities. Our
associates have a strong degree of integrity and
unsurpassed communication skills. Often we are
called upon and respond on very short notice. 

Among the associates of MQEI there are 150+ years of
diverse railroad experience. All our representatives
have a strong presence in the shop floor environment,
work to minimize re-work, and are proficient at root
cause analysis and problem resolution.

Our services can save you time and aggravation by
letting us manage all your inspection needs. We offer a
seamless transition if an inspector needs to be

MQEI is a cost effective investment. We offer fair
pricing by the hour, day, or project, and try to meet all
budgets. Our prices include all expenses (except
airfare), which minimizes your administrative costs.

Customer satisfaction and on time delivery are our
goals. Projects are never prolonged unnecessarily to
our benefit. You will never get just a "paper inspection"
from our representatives. 

Why should we use outside inspectors? After all,
these companies all have quality departments. 

This should be viewed as an investment that pays huge
dividends in the future. MQEI represents you, without a
conflict of interest. Frequently in a conflict between QA
and production, MQEI can affect the outcome to your
benefit by performing objective evaluations and making
clear recommendations. We treat each project as if we
were purchasing the equipment for ourselves. 

What qualifications do MQEI associates have? 

Our representatives range from having Carman
certificates to Engineering degrees. They all have
many years of railroad experience. Excellent
communication skills is a pre-requisite. We hand-pick
our associates. All our representatives are interviewed
extensively and have a proven track record of
dedication to customer service and integrity.