Technical Training

Welding and cutting training provided is specific to railroad industry as well as being tailored to your facility. Length of training is determined by your specific needs.

Basic Welding:

* Stick Welding
* Basic Theory
* Basic blueprint reading

Advanced Welding:

* Multi-purpose welds
* Detection and correction of discrepancies
* Advanced blue print reading


* Air Arc
* Cutting
* Flame straightening


* Cost Savings - training welders on the line at the plant will decrease the loss of production time for training

* Improve Production - welders trained in their positions using the equipment with which they will be working will ultimately improve production in a shorter timeframe

* Improve training - having on-site mentor with extensive experience welding in a railroad production facility increases knowledge base at a faster rate.

* Improve understanding of theory - on-site mentor with extensive railroad welding experience can provide insights as to possible complications from incorrect welding, as well as reinforce training in theory

* Time Savings - questions can be answered on the spot by on-site trainer, reduces non-productive time spent looking for the foreman or supervisor

* Reduction of Incorrect welds - on-site trainer immediately notices issues and addresses them before they become habit, or by correcting pre-existing bad habits

Corporate Training